Pink Hill Chiropractic 2017 Chiropractic of the Year
Pink Hill Chiropractic    2017 Chiropractic of the Year 

Future Closing Notices


Closing Early Monday, November 11 at 4:45

Closing Early Friday, November 12 at 4:15

Thanksgiving-November 25-26

Christmas-December 23-Jan 3



Pink Hill Chiropractic 

By Governor Cooper's Mandate masks are no longer required by Governor Cooper.  However, if you still want to wear one or want our staff to wear one, please just let our staff know.  


Please DO NOT come to our office if you have any possible COVID symptoms.  We are happy to reschedule you.


1.  Please--only one patient in the office at a time and please do not bring in extra family members unless you have children that don't have other supervision.

2.  Call the front office when you arrive and let us know what vehicle you are in.  When it is your turn, we will wave you in.  

3. If you have been out of the country in the past 30 days, we need to be notified.

4. If you have a fever, please re-schedule for appointment.

5. Bring your own pen to write with if you use credit card or check.

Our Mission:  Show the world a better way to live, laugh, and love through a more natural existence.

Welcome to Pink Hill Chiropractic!

Pink Hill Chiropractic is a family clinic dedicated to helping people regain and maintain control of their health through a holistic approach.   Our office offers benefits on a full range of conditions through adjustments, exercise instruction, nutritional counseling and wellness care.  We offer therapy, rehabilitation and massage therapy to maximize your healing potential.  Dr. Murphy does not promote generic treatment plans; she offers specialized care designed to fit your life and schedule.  Our primary goal is to help you reach your maximum potential and teach you how to maintain and exceed that potential long after you have been in our office.

We work with other healthcare providers. Our office offers safe care that is medicine and surgery free. Chiropractic care is affordable, safe and effective. It is also covered by most major insurance companies such as Blue Cross/Blue Shield and Medicare. Acceptance of Workman's Compensation and automobile accident claims must be cleared by the front office prior to your first visit.  Pink Hill Chiropractic no longer accepts Medicaid.

In our practice we strive for excellence through superior patient care and satisfaction. Take a moment to discover who we are or call us at (252) 568-6400.  Chiropractic is the leading drug-free recovery method in the world today. What is chiropractic? Learn more about the care we offer.

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